Rethinking your process chain

Robots provide an incredible opportunity to accelerate your production. With tailored robot lines, we improve quality and productivity in steel processing industries. This enhances the entire work flow, making your production more efficient and company more competitive.

Robot Technology Centre

A clear specialism: robotics for one-offs

We make robots smarter, enabling them to perform non-repetitive tasks. This opens a world of opportunities for fabricators whose parts are never the same. The unique competence makes us the leading robot integrator for heavy steel industries like shipbuilding, offshore & energy, structural steel and transport.

Robot welding, cutting and assembly in steel industries

An urge for innovation is anchored in our company culture. We develop new robot applications at an incredible pace. Our robot welding lines are the smartest in the industry, thanks to their intelligent software. The recent addition of robotic assembly to our portfolio makes us the leading robot technology centre for non-repetitive production. We consult the world's largest manufacturers in optimizing their production flow. Learn more about our consultancy.

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October 22, 2020
Here you can find a summary of all the blog articles about the award-winning Edge Preparation System

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October 15, 2020
At the end of this blog series we are confident that you see the benefits of an automated plate edge rouding system. Because of all the unique features of the system, the KRANENDONK Edge Preparation System was awarded with the Maritime Innovation Award.

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September 29, 2020
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Robotic Beam Constructor automatically assembles and welds structural steel beams. See how you will save hours on manual tacking and welding, and greatly enhance your production flow.

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Robot welding of large ship panels without programming? It is now possible. Save valuable production time and guarantee high quality welds.

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Fully automatic robotic pipe spool production, it is possible. KRANENDONK offers a robotic pipe shop that fully automates pipe spool fabrication and diminishes the time per spool from hours to minutes.


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September 8, 2020
Voor deze functie zoeken wij een zelfstandige Supply Chain Manager die de Supply Chain binnen onze organisatie gaat optimaliseren. Je werkt nauw samen met de afdelingen operations en projectmanagement om een perfecte organisatie te creëren.

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September 2, 2020
In deze functie ga je proactief op zoek naar strategische partnerschappen. Onze klanten willen steeds meer ontzorgd worden en vragen om totaaloplossingen. Aan jou de taak om de juiste partners te vinden om aan deze behoefte te kunnen voldoen.

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September 2, 2020
Voor deze functie zoeken wij een netwerker die bruggen kan bouwen en die zelfstandig ons netwerk van bestaande en potentiële klanten kan uitbreiden en intensiveren. Samen met je collega’s van engineering ga je tot het gaatje voor de perfecte offerte.
Robot welding, cutting and assembly automation | KRANENDONK


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