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Smart Software

Pipe Spool Work Preparation

Embark on a journey into the future of robotic spool production with PSWP (Pipe Spool Work Preparation), the groundbreaking software from KRANENDONK. Designed exclusively for our Robotic Pipe Shop, PSWP revolutionizes processing generation of weld and bevel parameters based on your 3D CAD models.

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From 3D CAD to unmatched precision

PSWP (Pipe Spool Work Preparation) takes a significant leap forward from traditional robot programming methods by effectively removing all programming overhead. With PSWP, selecting the PCF file of the product is all it takes to initiate the magic. The software seamlessly takes over, recognizing and identifying the required optimal milling and welding parameters.

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Smart manufacturing made easy

This intuitive software goes beyond expectations by automatically pinpointing the exact locations for beveling and welding. Moreover, it optimizes the path, ensuring efficient and precise maneuvering to reach these areas effortlessly.

But that's not all. PSWP takes it a step further by determining the specific parameters needed to create flawless bevels and execute each weld with utmost accuracy. With this comprehensive automation, you can trust that PSWP will streamline your workflow, saving valuable time and resources while ensuring consistent, high-quality results.

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Boosting productivity and efficiency

Achieve unparalleled efficiency in both milling and welding processes within your Robotic Pipe Shop with PSWP. Our smart software ensures optimal utilization of your robots, even in non-repetitive processes. Typical cases demonstrate a significant increased uptime of the automated equipment, even when dealing with continuously changing products.

By automating the programming process and eliminating the need for manual work preparation, PSWP ensures seamless operation and increased productivity, even in dynamic manufacturing environments. With PSWP, manufacturers can embrace diverse product variations, optimize efficiency and explore new possibilities for both milling and welding within their robotic pipe shop.

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Flexibility for changing designs

PSWP is designed to address the challenges posed by diverse product variations. It empowers manufacturers to embrace changing designs and explore new possibilities without compromising efficiency or quality. Whether it's modifications to dimensions, materials or complex pipe spool configurations, PSWP can handle it all with exceptional capability.

Compatible with your 3D CAD software

Seamless integration with all major 3D design software solutions is a key feature of PSWP. With just a simple export of your 3D .pcf file, you can effortlessly send it to PSWP for further processing.

Proven in the global industry

Being adopted by leading global manufacturers, our PSWP software has demonstrated its effectiveness in diverse industries that rely on complex applications.

To the shopfloor in one click

Adding a new product takes just a few seconds to load. With a simple click, the software automatically recognizes the welds and bevels into the spools. Upon a simple export, the job is promptly transferred to the shopfloor, making it available for the operator to select and initiate the pipe spool production.

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