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Robots are fast and accurate tools, but here is one deficit: you have to tell them exactly what to do. This can take up a lot of manual programming time. We take away all robot programming overhead with smart software, making them easy to use and more versatile.

ARAC5 management information dashboard
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ARAC 5 - Parameter based programming

ARAC 5 generates robot programs based on the input of just a few parameters. Such as the length and width of your product. It means that all programming overhead is taken away. This way, you can realize a robotized non-repetitive production flow, with continuously different products. A big step forward from the traditional reptitive robot lines!

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PSWP - Automated placement of bevels and welds

With PSWP, we have taken a significant leap forward from traditional work preparation methods. Our software eliminates the programming overhead, making it incredibly easy to use. By simply selecting the PCF file of the product, PSWP initiates a seamless and automated workflow, transforming your pipe spool production experience.

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RinasWeld - 'Hands-off robot programming'

RinasWeld generates robot welding programs based on a 3D CAD model. It takes away the programming overload, enabling non-repetitive robotic production. When dealing with continuously changing designs, RinasWeld is your solution.

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