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Artemis Micro Welding Gantry

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KRANENDONK has been the market leader for customized welding automation solutions for decades. We are known worldwide for our range of robot welding columns, (micro) panel gantries and especially for our biggest block welding gantry, the GOLIATH. The ARTEMIS Micro Welding Gantry expands our product range with our smallest solution, perfect for small, medium and large enterprises!

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Artemis Micro Welding Gantry
Profiles, micro panels and sub assemblies up to 750mm height
Artemis Micro Welding Gantry 2 robots welding

Small footprint, maximum productivity

The Artemis Micro Welding Gantry can be fitted with 1 or 2 robots. A second robot increases production capacity and enables optional double fillet welding (2 robots welding on the same stiffener). This optimizes welding/product quality by limiting distortion caused by heat input.

Best use of your shopfloor space with high-capacity welding automation. With full automation of both work preparation & production, this micro welding gantry makes your production Futureproof!

Artemis operator panel

Easy to use

The operator panel is equipped with the latest ARAC5 shopfloor control system. The user interface of this system is called ACE. It controls the robots and the automatic production. The operator can also control functions manually on the touch screen monitors, such as a wire cut or moving the robots into the parking position.

Flexible, high quality production without skilled welders and without adding complexity to your organization. It is the easiest solution for a worry-free daily production.

Plug and play

The Artemis Micro Welding Gantry was developed for maximum efficiency. This translated into every single element of the solution, from design to construction, software, durability and transport. All while keeping KRANENDONK’s renowned high-standard and quality in mind, at a low price.  It is constructed in a smart manner, so that the side covers can be positioned along the gantry beam. Even the robots do not need to be removed for transport. The solution is easy to install. It can be implemented into your existing production process and is fully operational within days.

RinasWeld: No more programming on the shop floor

RinasWeld takes a leap forward from traditional robot programming methods, by effectively taking all programming overhead away. You only select the 3D CAD model of the product, after which the software will identify where and how to weld. Smart anti-collision lets the robot make maximum use of the available space, so welding in tiny spaces is no problem. With these intelligent features, RinasWeld is the most advanced connection between 3D CAD and robotic welding.

Automatic robot welding including welding parameters (WPS)

The software will determine automatically where the welds need to be, how the robots can reach these places, and what parameters should be used for each weld. It means that the software will pick the right WPS from a database of approved weld parameters. If you require, this database can be certified to your quality norms. 

It takes just a minute to load a new product into the software. At the shopfloor, just select the task and press start. Using a robot could not be easier.

Get valuable feedback from the shopfloor

The next step is connecting the data digitally with the ARAC5 Management Information Dashboard, your easy entry into the world of data monitoring. You are given the opportunity to optimize every detail of your process, giving you the decisive edge over your competition.

Brochure Artemis

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If you're looking for precision micro welding solutions, Artemis Micro Welding Gantry is the perfect choice for you. Our state-of-the-art gantry is designed to provide accurate and reliable welding for a wide range of applications.

To help you learn more about the Artemis Micro Welding Gantry and its capabilities, we have created a brochure that covers all the essential information you need to know.

Wondering if the Artemis will work for your production environment?

We understand that investing in new equipment can be a big decision, and you want to be sure that the technology you choose is the right fit for your needs. That's why we offer a demo of the Artemis Micro Welding Gantry so you can see it in action for yourself.

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