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At KRANENDONK, customer support is so important that it is part of our strategic mission. Maximize customer output by being a global pioneer in smart automation solutions with an unrivaled customer support. It is our passion to make sure you get the most out of your KRANENDONK solution, with minimum downtime.

With dedicated local service engineers in our global offices, we are ready to support you around the globe. Contact us right now at the phone number below.

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Our goal: Keeping your production flow running

Buying and installing a production system is the start, but it is years of reliable production that make the difference. We assists operational and maintenance managers with keeping production at top-level. This is done with inspections and spare-parts, but also with training programs. Our service engineers are strategically stationed around the globe, to quickly respond to any problem.

90% of problems can be solved by remote connection

90% solved by remote connection

Remote Support is available on all delivered systems, to assist customer directly by means of an internet connection. Tailored supports contracts are available, always adapted to your situation. KRANENDONK has been offering Remote Support already since the early nineties. Nowadays, our support engineers can directly login to any production system and directly assist the operator on the shop floor, anywhere in the world. By temporarily taking over the control of the machine, the majority of problems can be fixed within minutes.

Parts and consumables

Parts & Consumables

After installation of your KRANENDONK solution, a spare parts list will be supplied. This list contains all items that a customer should have available onsite to keep the machine at the highest production level and lowest downtime. Spare parts which are not available onsite can be delivered quickly thanks to the many parts on stock at our warehouse and agreements with local suppliers.

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We make sure that you get the most our of your KRANENDONK solution. Sometimes, with the change of an operator the production level or knowledge about the solution goes down. To keep you up to date, our support department offers a variety of training courses for operators, work preparation engineers and the maintenance department.

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On-site training and production startup assistance

After installation and the production acceptance test on-site the production system is handed over to the customer. After that we will support during the production startup phase in providing training,
assistance and advice.

Online & remote assistance

The possibility to communicate directly with computer systems and PLC controllers on any customer site worldwide greatly enhances the possibilities to locate operational and functional problems from all our service desk locations. Many operator errors and system malfunctions can be solved very quickly without the need to travel to the customer.

Updates and upgrades

Our support goes beyond regular training and maintenance. Our soft ware departments continuously work on improvements. We keep your production facility up-to-date with these software and hardware upgrades.

Programming support

Our customer service department can provide technical expertise and work with our customer to help them get optimal production results. If needed, software adjustments and product or macro programming assistance can be provided through direct communication with computer systems on any customer site worldwide.

KRANENDONK Customer Support department

Get in touch

KRANENDONK Global Customer Support
Tiel, The Netherlands
+31 344 655 443

KRANENDONK East Asia Support Office
Okayama, Japan
+81 50 3645 1729

KRANENDONK Southeast Asia Support Office
Singapore, Singapore
+65 315 866 29

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