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Being dedicated to robotics since 1983


KRANENDONK was founded in 1983. From the start, we saw the potential of industrial robotics. Robots were accurate and quick, but lacked efficient control software. We solved this by developing smart sensors and software and quickly became a renowned international player. Over the years, our robot lines and software merged to integrated solutions that are able to control full production plants.

History Of Kranendonk
First Cutting Robot 1

Past, present and future in robotic automation

A little bit of history: our company started out of the owners garage, back in the early 1980's. The six-axes industrial robot had just been invented, but there was no efficient way to control it. We started with our own software interfacing, and were able to complete our first robotic project in the offshore industry. A product that is still in our portfolio today as the Beam Cutting Line (currently our 3rd generation).

Growing from specialist to full service provider

It did not take long to leave the garage behind us, quickly growing to a mid-size internationally oriented company. By adding robot welding to our portfolio, we had a complete offer for the 'heavy steel' industry. And in fact, we were the only robotics supplier focusing on the market for a while. To make our offer complete, we upgraded our service organisation and opened a new office in Asia.

Robot Welding Gantry For Shipyard

Key player in shipbuilding, offshore and structural steel

As a result of our unique expertise in heavy steel automation, we currently are key global player in shipbuilding, offshore & energy, structural steel and transport industries. We are trusted by the largest and most innovative manufacturers around the world. With regular ‘special projects’ in aircraft & aerospace, transport and boiler industry, we push our technology forward and stretch the limits of industrial robots.

And what’s for the future of robot technology?

The implementation of robotics is booming, especially in the past few years. Robots are used in new ways, increasing competitiveness for companies all around the global industry. Manufacturers benefit from the huge boost in quality and productivity.

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