03 - 06 September 2024 SMM - Hamburg, DE
09 - 10 October 2024 Floating Offshore Wind - Aberdeen, IE
Innovation centre


In order to keep providing innovative solutions and keep our technology updated, we have our own in-house KRANENDONK academy. All our engineers are continuously learning the knowledge needed to develop new solutions. We keep close partnerships with ABB, Fronius and ESAB and we continuously test new technologies in our testing facility.

Artemis Maintenance (2)
Artemis Operator Flex Pendant

Robot experts

The KRANENDOK Academy was developed in order to properly educate our employees. Since we are working with our own software RinasWeld, an important objective is to keep all available knowledge in-house. With the Academy, we make sure all our employees are robot experts.

Our work requires a lot of creativity, one should not only know how something is made, but why it is made that way. This is one of the most difficult aspects to teach.

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