Panel welding gantry

Robotic panel welding, the smart way. Our panel welding gantry is on its own. No human setup, no human programming. Valuable production time is saved automatically letting the robot find their paths, and distributes tasks between them. Fully automatic robot welding of complex one off desings is now available.

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Completely automated welding of complex panels

The production of 3D sub-assemblies in shipbuilding is difficult to automate. The nature of these operations, which are one-of-a-kind and often performed in inaccessible places, makes efficient, cost-effective automation difficult. To overcome these problems and increase production efficiency, KRANENDONK has developed a robotic panel welding line with our unique work preparation software RinasWeld to obtain the highest possible up-time. With a direct interface between the CAD-system and the production automation system the arc time can be up to 90% of the work time.



Automatic offline work preparation with RinasWeld

The panel welding gantry comes with the intelligent RinasWeld software, for automatic operation. In this way, it's possible to derive all production data from the 3D CAD model. RinasWeld automatically generates collision free robot programs including predefined weld data. This drastically reduces the time required for work preparation. Additionally, RinasWeld balances the workload of the system to optimize efficiency and minimize deformation due to heat input.

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Automated programming
The powerful RinasWeld software offers easy, but advanced offline programming. Setting up a panel takes only minutes and gives hours of continuous welding.
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Continuous welding, saving hours
The rigid gantry travels across a large work area. High stability and motion performance give full control and great flexibility for handling any panel size.
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High quality welds guaranteed
RinasWeld automatically recognizes welds and applies predefined weld data. This results in high quality welds for all kinds of panels and shapes.

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