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Ultra-thin steel plate technology is setting sail from General Dynamics NASSCO

General Dynamics NASSCO is now ready for the construction of the next generation super lightweight US Navy fleet oilers. Together with our partner IMG, their new thin plate panel line (5-6mm plate thickness) brings massive advantages in heat reduction and panel distortion/flatness.

Photo General Dynamics Nassco 119468

Using the latest Kranendonk robot technology and IMG's Hybrid laser welding technology, production quality and capacity have improved massively.

We are proud to be the preferred choice and trusted partner of General Dynamics NASSCO to continue to provide to US Navy shipbuilding industry.

The new panel line enables distortion-free welding of plates as thin as five millimeters to produce lighter, more energy efficient ships. The cutting-edge facility uses hybrid laser arc welding and numerically controlled robots to mill, seam and weld steel panels in a highly automated production line. These features improve capacity, quality, accuracy and cycle time, and are expected to double steel processing rates.

“Our team scouted thin plate welding technology and processing facilities from around the world to identify the components that would allow NASSCO to stay at the forefront of shipbuilding manufacturing technology,” said Kevin Graney, president of General Dynamics NASSCO.

“This facility, the only one in the world with this unique combination of technologies, is already beginning to transform our business while reducing energy consumption and emissions,” said Graney. “This facility is a win for NASSCO, our customers and our region.”

Visit Boss Magazine's website for further information and for a download of General Dynamic NASSCO's company brochure about the project.

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