Customer Support

We know how important customer service is. With dedicated service engineers in two global offices, we are ready to support you around the globe. Contact us right now at the numbers below.

Induction welding for airplanes

Get in touch: +31 344 655 443

Kranendonk Customer Support 
Tiel, The Netherlands
Helpdesk: +31 344 655 443

Kranendonk Asia Support Office
Shimonoseki, Japan
+81 832 425 444

Our goal: Keeping your flow running

Buying and installing a production system is the start, but it is years of reliable production that make the difference. We assists operational and maintenance managers with keeping production at top-level. This is done with inspections and spare-parts, but also with training programs. Our service engineers are strategically stationed around the globe, to quickly respond to any problem. 

Remote Support through internet connection

Remote Support is available on all delivered systems, to assist customer directly by means of an internet connection. Tailored supports contracts are available, always adapted to the your situation. KRANENDONK has been offering Remote Support already since the early ninetees. Nowadays, our support engineers can directly login to any production system and directly assist the operator on the shop floor, anywhere in the world. By temporarily taking over the control of the machine, the majority of problems can be fixed within minutes.