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Tube and Beam Cutting Cell

The combined tube and beam cutting cell is the ultimate solution for flexible offshore construction. A continuous flow of production is achieved as the system is able to proceed cutting while loading or unloading takes place at the other side.


Tube and beam cutting system
For flexible offshore construction Continuous production flow Cutting while loading or unloading
Tube and beam cutting system

Flexible tube and beam cutting

It features a large industrial robot with an oxy-fuel and plasma cutting torch. The cutting robot makes all sorts of 3D cuts to both tubes and beams. The floating chuck rotates tubes up to 2.3 meters in diameter with high precision. Special software compensates for deviations in the material to cope with the high accuracy demands in offshore construction.

Tube and beam cutting system operator system

Ease of operation

A continuous production flow is achieved as the system is able to proceed cutting while (un)loading takes place at the other side. The operator is supported in his tasks through a graphical user interface. This ensures flexibility and easy operation of the system. New cuts are added by entering parameters, such as pipe dimension and cutting angle, at the touch screen. Also, a CAD interface can be implemented for a direct data connection.

Smart adaptive chuck

The smart chuck adapts to tube unroundness to increase accuracy. Tubes can be fed through the open chuck for cutting on both ends, which saves a lot of time.

High accuracy: laser calibrated

The robot is laser calibrated, which gives it unmatched accuracy. The results are better fitting tubes and beams, saving you valuable hours on rework and manual welding.

Adapt to the product

Before the actual cutting, all tubes and beams are measured at multiple points. The cutting path is adapted accordingly, to create better fitting parts for your products.

One machine: tubes and beams

Tubes and beams are all cut on the same system, offering great flexibility in your workshop. Additionally, the multi-station setup improves your production flow.

Tube and beam cutting system
Tube and beam cutting easy operating system

Highest safety standards

Production tasks of the robot are fully automated. Thanks to the intelligent software, the entire system can be run by one operator. With the latest safety systems, the operator and the robot can share their workspace in a cooperative way, the way of the future. This provides easy and safe access for loading and unloading preventing accidents on the work floor.

900mm tube cutting

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