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Meet the team 10-02-2023

Meet Luke, our Robotic Support Engineer!

We'd like to introduce you to Luke, a valuable asset on the Customer Support team. Luke joined KRANENDONK in 2022 as a Robot Support Engineer, bringing his expertise in robotics and technical knowledge to the table. He has been providing top-notch support to our customers ever since, dedicating himself to ensuring a positive customer experience and resolving any issues quickly and efficiently. Check out what motivates him.


First up, can you tell us about what a Robot Support Engineer does?

A robot support engineer is tasked with assisting a customer with any issue that comes up with an installation once it has been handed off by the application team. This can be anything from a simple fix to a major overhaul. We have to have knowledge of and be comfortable in many different fields such as robot and PLC programming, general programming, hands-on technical work, process control and reading schematics; all while having a customer-facing attitude.


Walk us through your main day to day tasks

The main tasks of a robot support engineer are managing your customer support cases while you are in the office. We keep a database of all known issues, both active and solved, and work among ourselves and other departments to ensure that an issue or want from a customer is handled in a timely manner. We also communicate our findings with other departments to help them avoid issues in the future.

Another major component of our job is traveling to the facilities where our systems are installed. These visits are to perform annual maintenance inspections or to perform repairs or implement fixes that present themselves during operation that require immediate attention. We expect to be traveling roughly 25% of the time.


What accomplishment are you most proud of while working at KRANENDONK.

Although I have only been here a short time, I am most proud of being part of a collaborative and innovative company that makes a unique product with a strong foothold in the marketplace. I feel like we are a big team that can accomplish whatever challenges are presented to us and come out of it ready for whatever will come next.

I very much value the importance that KRANENDONK places on their employees and their comfort at work. Coming from North America, this is a very stark difference that to be honest, has taken me quite a while to get used to. It is still somewhat foreign to have your manager ask you if you have too much work or even ask for your input on projects or ideas for solutions.


What have you learned while working here?

Coming from the automotive industry, I have had to essentially discard everything I worked with previously and start over. The basics still apply but moving from a high-volume and repetitive environment to what we do at KRANENDONK meant that I had to commit to learning how things work here in a way that I have not really had to do since university.

It has been a welcome challenge that has come at the right point in my career where I was starting to feel stuck in a rut and unsure of my future career direction. If you’re curious, keen to learn and eager to make a difference, there’s no better place to be then KRANENDONK!

KRANENDONK Smart robotics head office and production facility

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