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News item 11-05-2021

KRANENDONK’s Artemis Micro Welding Gantry now available

On Wednesday 28 April 2021, KRANENDONK successfully launched the Artemis Micro Welding Gantry during the official online product launch. Participants from more than 30 countries and from 5 different continents were united in this event. During a 45 minute livestream, KRANENDONK demonstrated their latest robotic welding solution to a global audience.

Double fillet welding

Although the Artemis Micro Welding Gantry has a small footprint of only 2 x 2 x 6 Meters, it is big in actions. KRANENDONK has implemented a lot of her owm proven technology into this solution, making it one of the strongest offers on the market with the most value for money. The solution comes with 1 or 2 robots. A second robot increases production capacity and enables optional double fillet welding (2 robots welding on the same stiffener). This optimizes welding- and product quality by limiting distortion caused by heat input.

The Artemis Micro Welding Gantry is developed for maximum efficiency. This translated into every single element of the solution, from design to construction, software, durability and transport. All while keeping KRANENDONK’s renowned high-standard and quality in mind, at a low price. The standardized modular design allows for shipment in a 40FT container without disassembly of the complete gantry. This ensures that the welding solution can be fully operational within just a few days.

KRANENDONK offers the possibility for a one-on-one demonstration at the head office in Tiel (NL) or via a video conference. During a private meeting, interested companies can ask questions specific to their production process.

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