Robotic beam constructor

Robotic Beam Constructor automates assembling and welding of structural steel beams. Save hours on manual preparation and welding, and greatly enhance your production flow. Are you ready to bring your structural steel fabrication to the next level?

Robotic beam assembly line for steel construction

Here's the proven steel beam assembler

KRANENDONK Robotic Beam Constructor is the proven solution for steel beam assembly and welding. It eliminates the need for marking stiffener positions and manual tack welding. All based on our 30 years of experience in robot welding automation. Increase your productivity by integrating our Robotic Beam Constructor into your work flow.

The robotic steel beam assembler with a small footprint

We have developed the smartest steel beam assembler with a small footprint in your work shop. It has a proven track record. The smart beam manipulators position and turn the beams without any human effort, saving you valuable time. Operation is easy: we take all info from your 3D detailing software. At the shop floor, your operator can do other tasks while the system is running your beam fabrication. 

Robot welding
The proven assembly line
Robotic Beam Constructor has proven its reliability. Thousands and thousands of beams have been produced fully automatically.
Beam Assembly Line in the factory
Fitting in your existing work flow
We will tailor the machine to you factory layout. It means you can fit the Robotic Beam Constructor in your existing work flow.
Robot Welding with Automatic Programming
Smart software for easy operation
No need for robot programming knowledge, since we take all data straight from your existing CAD system (Tekla or others).