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Stiffener Mounting Gantry

This solution drastically reduces the time necessary to properly fit and tack-weld stiffeners onto steel plates. The vertical pressure that the cylinders provide on the stiffeners make sure that there are no gaps between the stiffener and the plate blanket when tack welding. Specifically engineered for a large variety of heavy profiles, including built-up profiles with height differences. The design and specifications can be customized to the requirements of the end-user.

Stiffener Mounting Gantry
Stiffener mounting Drastically reduces assembly time

Stiffener Mounting Gantry

Heavy duty lifting

The Stiffener Mounting Gantry is equipped with 6 heavy duty magnets on a primary mounting beam with a combined lifting capacity of 3500 lbs (1.600 kg). The hydraulic powered cylinders that carry the magnets can be operated individually, allowing to pick up built-up stiffeners with different heights along the flange. 

Smaller stiffeners up to 660 lbs (300 kg) can be handled with the magnets of the 2 secondary mounting beams that can be operated separately. 

The maximum profile width is 16.000mm and the maximum height is 1.000mm

Stiffener mounting gantry operator remote control

Easy to operate - primary mounting beam

Profiles are picked up and moved by means of a remote control with push buttons. Because all operation is manually controlled, it allows for personnel to be in the work area during operation.

Stiffener Mounting Gantry operation

Optimal user friendliness - secondary mounting beam

The secondary mounting beams are manually controlled by the ‘force-ring’, which acts similar to a joystick. For optimal safety, either the primary mounting beam is used or the secondary mounting beams. They can not be used simultaneously. 

Stiffener Mounting Gantry tack welding

Tack welding

Each mounting beam has tack welding equipment for manual tack welding once the profile is in place. The operator can mount and tack weld each profile individually, possibly with multiple cassettes – assuming one cassette may contain insufficient profiles for one panel. The cycle can be reapeated until the panel assembly is complete. Once personnel clears the area, the panel is ready for transport to the robot welding station.

Stiffener Mounting Gantry safety bumper

Safety first!

We make sure to keep your workers safe. The Stiffener Mounting Gantry can be fitted with different types of safety measures, such as a safety bumpers on the gantry bogies that automatically trigger the emergency stop when activated. The gantry also has a cage ladder and safety fences including toe boards and anti-slip coating for upper maintenance access. 

Stiffener Mounting Gantry battery backup

Battery back-up system

The gantry includes a clever mechanical back-up system for continuous power to magnets in the event of temporary power interruptions

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