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Robotic Beam Constructor

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Robotic Beam Constructor automates assembling and welding of structural steel beams. Save hours on manual preparation and welding, and greatly enhance your production flow. Are you ready to bring your structural steel fabrication to the next level?


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Automation of assembly and welding of structural steel beams Boosts welding quality and productivity

Here's the proven steel beam assembler

With years of experience in robotic welding automation, we've developed a solution that eliminates the need for manual tack welding and marking of stiffener positions. KRANENDONK's The Robotic Beam Constructor has proven its reliability for steel beam assembly and welding. Thousands and thousands of beams have been produced fully automatically.

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Streamline production with the high rise storage

The high rise allows operators to prepare stiffeners by filling the storage and storing them until needed. To ensure accurate placement of the stiffeners on the plates, a 3D projection is used to guide the operator in laying them down precisely. The high rise seamlessly integrates with the Robotic Beam Constructor, allowing for automated retrieval of the stiffeners for welding. This streamlines production and improves efficiency.

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Automatic assembly with scanning technology

The scanning technology allows for the identification of the exact location of the stiffeners and their orientation, enabling the tool to pick them up and place them onto the beam with high precision. This also ensures that the stiffeners are securely held in place during transport to avoid any potential damage.

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Easy to operate and highly efficient

At the shop floor, only one supervisor is needed to operate the system. A touch screen with graphical user interface provides easy control. With automatic infeed and outfeed buffers, production never stops. Our smart beam manipulators can accurately position and rotate beams without human effort, saving you valuable time.

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Simplifying operations with smart software

RinasWeld enables fast and efficient production data generation using 3D CAD technology. With minimal work preparation time, hours of production can be achieved. The software automatically determines the optimal weld locations, robot accessibility, and the required parameters for each weld, eliminating the need for manual intervention.

Seamlessly integrated into your existing shop

Our team will work with you to customize the machine to ensure a perfect fit, so you can optimize your production process without any disruption or downtime. This means that you can quickly and easily incorporate the Robotic Beam Constructor into your workflow, and start enjoying the benefits of improved efficiency, productivity, and cost savings right away.

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Whether you're looking to increase production, improve efficiency, or reduce costs, the KRANENDONK Robotic Beam Constructor is the perfect solution for your beam construction needs.

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