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A four-factor checklist to help you choose the right automation solution

It can be difficult to determine which automation solution is best suited to your organization. However, with the right solution, you will improve productivity, increase accuracy, and grow your business by automating repetitive, manual tasks. To help you select the right solution, ask yourself these four questions.

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What are my goals?

Understanding your business objectives is crucial before choosing a robotic automation solution. Ask yourself the following questions to determine your goals. What tasks or workflows do you wish to automate? What results or outcomes are desired? Which tasks are repetitive and tiresome that can be automated?

These objectives give you something to work towards. They focus your attention and make sure you can take the right decisions.

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What can be done to ensure a safe working environment?

No matter how technology evolves, keeping workers safe should always be a top priority for any business. By using visual and audible warnings, light curtains, lasers, and other active measures, workers can be kept safe around sophisticated equipment. When an operator enters a potentially dangerous situation, several independent devices shut down operations before disaster strikes.

The more your employees see that safety is a priority for you, the more they will care about it themselves. Encourage workers to report safety concerns and issues, even if it means shutting down the line if necessary. When safety concerns arise, respond quickly.

90% of problems can be solved by remote connection

Why does high-quality support matter?

Adding automation to your business can be beneficial, but just a short amount of downtime could bring your organization to its knees. Ensure your vendor has a commitment to supporting you when you need it.

KRANENDONK has been offering Remote Support already since the early nineties. Nowadays, our support engineers can directly login to any production system and directly assist the operator on the shop floor, anywhere in the world. By temporarily taking over the control of the machine, most problems can be fixed within minutes.

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Can you scale up?

As your business grows, you need your shop to grow with you. Future-proof your business with a flexible, agile, and scalable solution. A lack of scalability could mean disruption to your operations at exactly the wrong time. You don't want a slowdown when expanding.

With KRANENDONK, your automation solution will be completely scalable. Our experts help you preparing for the future.

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We help you in making the right choice

By implementing our robotic welding, cutting, assembly or production automation solutions, you will improve your lead time, increase production output, and eventually grow your company.

Get in touch with our experts today to find out how to choose the right solution for your business.

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