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5 key advantages of automated welding

The process of welding or attaching two or more pieces together, is prevalent in almost all sectors of industry. To improve operations, more and more companies are turning to automation. Investing in automation enables you to increase productivity and quality, which helps setting your welding operation apart from the competition.

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1. Suitable for multiple industries

A growing number of industries are depending on robots to enhance the efficiency and accuracy of manufacturing processes due to their ability to work for prolonged periods without becoming fatigued.

Traditionally, robots are used for repetitive tasks. At KRANENDONK, we make the opposite possible. We design robot lines for industries where products are never the same, allowing them to meet non-repetitive production needs. This opens a world of automation opportunities for manufacturers.

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2. Increased productivity

The use of robotic automation and the benefits of robotic labor can boost the productivity and efficiency of manufacturers. Industrial robots can work non-stop for 24 hours, every single day if needed.

They can be programmed to make precise, repetitive movements that are quick and reliable. This enhanced level of production increases the total output of a factory.

Vertical Welding

3. High-quality welds

Our welding solutions are especially valuable in applying quality welds to panels, tubes, pipes, as well as other difficult or complicated parts.

Weld seams are recognized, and weld data is automatically applied by RinasWeld software. With this technique, high-quality welds can be achieved for all types of shapes.

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4. Enhanced safety

The safety of welders is depending on the environment they work in. They are exposed to heat, sparks, fumes, and flash. By investing in welding automation, you will improve workplace safety.

A wide range of safety measures make sure the system can be operated from a safe distance. Sensors, fume extraction and light protection provide a high level of safety for the operator.

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5. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3

With our self-programmed robot lines, there is no time wasted in setting up the system. Using direct data entry, the operator can control the system by entering parameters. This way, the operator does not require knowledge about robot programming. It makes operation as easy as possible.

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KRANENDONK will change your business

For over 35 years, we have brought automation to the highest level. We assist you from an early stage to create an optimal production flow. This way we jointly create a tailored automation plan which raises productivity and saves costs. The culture for innovation makes sure we always deliver cutting edge technology at the highest level.

Throughout the lifecycle of your robotic equipment, we are there to support you. With comprehensive services by our Customer Support team, your productivity is maintained over many years, to gain maximum return of your investment in robot technology.

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