Working with robots while seeing the world?

Discover the opportunities of working in a booming industry. Your job in robotics. Thanks to our continuous growth as a company we are looking for tech talent to support our teams wordwide. Contact us today!


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October 21, 2019
Als Robot Support Engineer krijg je de kans om de hele wereld over te reizen en kennis te maken met de mooiste robottechniek. Iedere machine van KRANENDONK is uniek en wordt klant specifiek gebouwd. Dat zorgt ervoor dat iedere uitdaging, een nieuwe is!

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October 3, 2019
Wij zoeken een enthousiaste R&D Engineer die samenwerkt in multidisciplinaire teams. Je maakt gebruik van je creativiteit om technische problemen om te zetten in oplossingen.

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July 22, 2019
Due to the growth of our office in Japan, we are looking for a Robot Application Engineer. Will you be our new colleague?
Working at Kranendonk

Werken bij KRANENDONK - Robot Application Engineer

Djarno (30) – Robot Application Engineer at Kranendonk

As a new employee at KRANENDONK, you will receive full guidance during your first two years. Every quarter we will discuss and possibly update your training program. We are clear and transparent about our expectations, and give you space to develop your skills. Your career at Kranendonk can go very rapidly!

Our services and technology

For our customers we perform the roles of engineer, supplier, service provider and advisors. We do that with 70 engineers in the Netherlands and support offices in Japan, Singapore, China, USA and Denmark. Robot engineering, mechanical engineering and software development are important aspects of our company. We also maintain and upgrade all robot systems worldwide, so our service department is evenly as important.

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HR Manager
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