Profile cutting line for shipbuilding
March 9, 2020
Efficient production in the cutting shop is crucial in the shipbuilding process. It can be a tough challenge to realize. This blog post discusses three principles, which we have learned over the past 30 years, to improve steel profile production.
Gigantries robot welding event, click to read more
July 13, 2015
Live demos of two massive robot welding gantries we're the absolute highlight of 'Gigantries! - Robot Welding Event'. Guests had the opportunity to see technology that is usually kept behind closed doors.
Robots building cruiseships
July 8, 2015
While already being the largest shipbuilder in Europe, and after the acquisition of VARD in 2013, the Fincantieri group doubled in size to become the fourth largest in the world.
Flange assembly robots welding pipe spools
March 12, 2015
Development of a revolutionary production system For IHC Piping, a business unit of IHC Merwede, a flange to tube assembly system has been developed.
Robotic welding for shipyard in ShippingWorld & Shipbuilder magazine thumb
March 12, 2015
Fierce competition, new regulations and complex designs are just some of the challenges shipyards are currently facing.
Shipbuilding production flow, by KRANENDONK
March 11, 2015
We had a discussion with over 50 shipbuilding professionals and asked them: What are the key factors to make shipbuilding more efficient? Here is a summary of more than 100 ideas.
Maritime Innovation Award KRANENDONK
January 11, 2015
KRANENDONK's Edge Preparation System won the Maritime Innovation Award 2013. The award was handed out at the annual Maritime Awards Gala.
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