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Induction robot welding for airplanes
June 19, 2020
Welding composite components for exclusive business jets. ‘We pushed robot technology to its limits’, says Evert Geurten, technical manager at KRANENDONK.
Gigantries robot welding event, click to read more
July 13, 2015
Live demos of two massive robot welding gantries we're the absolute highlight of 'Gigantries! - Robot Welding Event'. Guests had the opportunity to see technology that is usually kept behind closed doors.
Robotics in trailer manufacturing
June 16, 2015
Global Trailer Magazine features an article on KRANENDONK's transport equipment solutions in its latest issue. It covers robotic automation of the trailer production process.
Event robotics in structural steel at ASK Romein
June 15, 2015
Will robotics change steel construction? At November 8, 2012, we have posed this question at our 'Robotics in structural steel' event.
Robotic welding for shipyard in ShippingWorld & Shipbuilder magazine thumb
March 12, 2015
Fierce competition, new regulations and complex designs are just some of the challenges shipyards are currently facing.
Robot welding beams
March 11, 2015
Robotizing in the heavy steel industry comes with certain challenges. When implementing robotics, there are 3 topics that...
Robot welding
March 11, 2015
You are a welder. So robots are not your everyday business and frankly, you don't even want a robot! But, you know that robot welding is a promising path. Let’s try to address some assumptions, and see whether they are fact or fiction.
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