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Trailer Production Lines

No truck and trailer shop is the same. Nor are the products being fabricated. We design and engineer custom production lines that handle your continuously changing products. That's efficient automation for trucks and trailers, with 90% reduction in man-hours.


Robotic Trailer Welding Kranendonk
Automated trailer manufacturing High quality aluminum welding
Robotic Trailer Welding

Automated trailer manufacturing

Truck and trailer manufacturing is moving away from standard designs, and more and more inclined toward production on demand. Instead of automating each separate production step, KRANENDONK has engineered an integrated line for automatic assembly and welding of trailers.

This trailer production line is specially engineered to automatically assemble and weld aluminum trailers from profiles and plates till complete trailers. The production line is split up in two independent lines with five stations to obtain the highest level of passage. Due to ARAC cell control the complete line is integrated and easy to operate. Also by using a CAD/CAM interface, various product dimensions are possible and production will be order driven.

2016 Trailer Production Line

Five stations, five tasks

Stiffener assembly
The assembly wagon reduces travel distances and enables a better cycle time. 

Stiffener horizontal welding
The stiffener welding gantry is equipped with 4 welding torches. Each individual torch can rotate, move up and down and travel transversal along the positioning beam.

Stiffener contour welding
For the actual welding of sides and bottoms 4 robot traveling columns will be placed. 2 Columns are working on one set of track with a length of 65 meter The columns will be equipped with a 1,5 meter shift to reach the full 2,7 meter of the widest product.

Stiffener contour welding
To obtain a high quality it is necessary to weld both sides of the panels. Therefore turning units will be placed between the robot traveling gantries.

Side to bottom connections
A robot on a trolley performs the welding of the side to bottom connections. The trolley can drive over 4 sets of rails, 2 on each side of the line. Clamps on the front and back hold up the wall during welding.

High quality aluminum welding

The robot welding line automatically decides where to weld and how the robots should move: ZERO programming involved.

One piece production

Automation when every product is unique? No problem. Our advanced software connects design and production.

Low deformation

Due to less heat input, the accurate and adaptive welding process results in low deformation of your products.

Robotic Trailer Welding Kranendonk
05160 .G0012 Aluminium Welding 12

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