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Plate Beveling Cell

Heat deformation problems when beveling? Not with our plate beveling robot. To cope with heat deformation, we have made an adaptive cutting torch. The KRANENDONK laser DLHC-sensor adapts to the material in real-time. Razor sharp bevels are the result.


Razor sharp bevels with adaptive cutting technology
2016 Plate Beveling Cell

Easy operation

The system is controlled by our ARAC software. This system enables the production of non-repetitive production and the adaptation of deviations. The programming is done in such way that the contour is programmed (like NC-codes) instead of the robot. Integration with various CAD-systems is optionally. ARAC also supports the generally used ESSI-format. All these features make programming and operating the system easy and less time consuming. Your production will accelerate, stabilize in quality and you will save time on expensive and dangerous manual labor. Costs will be reduced and your competitiveness will go up.

08081 .G0010 Plate Beveling 02

Accurate weld preparations

The base of the Plate Beveling Cell is our dual laser height control DLHC sensor, which compensates product tolerances. During the cutting, the adaptive sensor technique measures the height deformation and corrects the robot path during operation. This makes a perfect bevel possible and results in constant volumes for welding. The system has no limits when it comes to thickness, due to its high quality OFC cutting equipment.

Adaptive oxy-fuel cutting

Perfect razor-sharp bevels, due to real-time adaptation of the angle using the KRANENDONK DHLC sensor and an oxy-fuel cutting torch. Ready for welding, accelerating your production.

Easy operating and programming

Programming and operating the plate beveling cell is made easy due to our sophisticated ARAC software which programs the plate contours instead of the robot itself.

Plates up to 100mm thick

Every plate is unique. Our plate beveling cell takes care of your pieces up to 100 mm thick, each one of them different. Making it a very flexible system.

Plate Beveling Preventing Heat Deformation 0

Robot carriers for reach extension

Since sizes of products differ per customer, different solutions for robot extension (tracks, columns and gantries) can be supplied. This means all axis of the robot carriers are controlled by the robot, and therefore are able to work together as one coordinated system. If required the plate beveling functionality can also be supplied in multi-functional systems.

08081 .G0007 Dual Laser Height Control 02

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