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Chassis Welding Cell

The welding of chassis is a labour intensive job. Robotizing this process reduces production time, increase weld quality and creates a more work friendly environment.



Robotic Chassis Welding
Automated trailer manufacturing High quality aluminum welding
2016 Trailer Production Line

Various systems

Various robot systems for welding aluminum or steel chassis have been supplied by KRANENDONK. If needed, the option of multi layer welds is added. Since most chassis have to be welded on both sides a product manipulator is used. Due to our smart ARAC software, various product parameters can be imported, so single piece production can be performed.

Since sizes of products differ per customer different solutions for robot extension(tracks, columns and gantries) can be supplied. This means all axis of the robot carriers are controlled by the robot and therefore are able to work together as one coordinated system. An additional working station can be added for increased efficiency of logistics.

04126 .G0007 Aluminium Welding 07

Low heat deformation

The system consist of a rigid traveling column with two welding robots that are able to simultaneously weld on one aluminum chassis. By using two robots a short cycle time can be obtained. Another advanced of using two robots is an equal heat input which prevents bending of the aluminum work- piece.

04126 .G0002 Aluminium Welding 02

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