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All-in-one Beam Processing Cell

Many steel construction companies are confronted with tighter budgets, putting pressure on the production process. Robotic beam processing offers a solution to produce leaner, by replacing multiple traditional machines. The all-in one solution will improve your efficiency and flexibility.


Robotic Beam Cutting Line Offshore 1
One machine for cutting, drilling, marking, coping and grinding
All In One Beam Processing

One machine for cutting, drilling, marking, coping and grinding

As structural steel manufacturer you use various machines to process beams. Using the flexibility of robotics, our beam processing line can perform all beam operations in one cell. This saves you cost of equipment and floor space, making your shop much more flexible, adaptive to changes in your client's needs.

CCS (10012) 03 Working Envelop

Ready for beams, hollow sections and angle bars

Apart from its multi-process nature, we have made our cutting line ready for a diverse range of profile types. You can process H/I beams, hollow sections, T bars, angle bars and flat profiles up to a width of 1250 mm. The in-flow positioning system eliminates the need for a length measuring trolley or gripper. This speeds up your process and significantly reduces the need for maintenance.

Super-accurate cuts

Switching from OFC to plasma cutting and back, makes sure the optimal process is used for each situation. The results are razor-sharp.

Small to very large profiles

The CCS1250 cutting cell processes heavy and thick beams up to 1250mm width, giving you a solution for each profile.

Bigger is better

We use a big robot which can reach all positions on the beam. No need for sliders that only add inaccuracy and more maintenance.

Beam cutting cell

From the world's most experienced robotic cutting supplier

Since 1983, we deliver robotic beam cutting lines. Coming from the highly demanding offshore construction world, we tailor our robotic cutting lines to the needs of your industry. There is simply no supplier with 30 years of experience in this field. Let's discuss your process, and see what you can save with an all-in-one solution.

A proven track record in flexible beam processing solutions

In the past 30 years, we've created an impressive track record in beam processing lines. The experience gained is used in the complete redesign of our third generation robotic cutting line, which was introduced to the market recently. Our track record gives you the most reliable machine in the market today.

Robotic Beam Cutting Line Offshore 1
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