ARAC - Parameter based programming

Robots are accurate, fast and do not need a break. The only deficit: you have to tell hem exactly what to do. At KRANENDONK we think the programming should be easy and fast. Besides that, the robot should adapt its robot program when deviations in the product occur. The developed ARAC software is able to do so.

Automatic robot programming with ARAC software

ARAC generates robot programs based on the input of just a few parameters. Such as the length and width of your product. It means that all programming overhead is taken away. This way, you can realize a robotized non-repetitive production flow, with continuously different products. A big step forward from the traditional reptitive robot lines!

ARAC Principles

Product family based production

In essence, ARAC software works with predefined product families. All kinds of variations are possible within these product families, and they can be executed without the need for changing the setup of the robot line. The ARAC system is open software, often used for cutting applications, but also for welding tasks. The input of parameters can be done manually, or with a CAD connection where the parameters are taking straight from your design software.

ARAC parameters