Web and micro panel welding

Making optimal use of the minimal available space in hard to reach spots. A flexible and intelligent solution for continuous robotic welding of complex designs of micro panels and webs in shipbuilding. Make optimal use of the space available in your yard.

Robotic welding of webs and micro panels


Here is the smartest robot welding line

The web welding gantry is developed to perform fully automatic welding of sub-assemblies in the shipbuilding industry. It's a flexible welding solution for micro panels, webs and bulkheads. Depending on the throughput of the system, a single robot or multiple robots are suspended on a moving gantry. Gantry movements are synchronized with the robot, creating a large work area. The standard system is able to weld webs up to 12 x 5 meters, with a stiffener or bulkhead height of 500 mm.

Automatic operation with RinasWeld

With the intelligent RinasWeld software, it is possible to derive all production data from the 3D CAD model. RinasWeld automatically generates collision free robot programs including predefined weld data, without any human effort. This drastically reduces the time required for work preparation, in practice to almost zero. RinasWeld also balances the workload of the system to optimize efficiency and minimize deformation due to heat input.

Web laslijn geautomatiseerd programmeren RinasWeld
Automated programming
Based on 3D CAD, RinasWeld generates collision free robot paths and takes care of all programming. This reduces time required for work preparation and accelerates your production.
Web laslijn hoge kwaliteit lassen
High quality and throughput
Your own predefined weld data is automatically applied by RinasWeld. This results in high quality and very consistent welds for all kinds of panels and shapes.
Web laslijn complexe panelen en vormen
Complex panels and shapes
The system can weld any complex panel, shape or bulkhead. All horizontal, vertical and curved welds are automatically recognized when setting up a panel.

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