Edge preparation system

Beating IMO PSPC with award winning plate edge preparation. Any contour is automatically followed by the adaptive milling head. Milling with a constant force results in a perfect radius even if the plates have deviations. Allowing you to save hours of valuable time on a job that requires a lot of manual labour. 

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IMO PSPC compliant rounding of plate edges

To improve the quality of coatings in shipbuilding, IMO PSPC demands the preparation (rounding) of plate edges. Automation of this process requires an adaptive machine that perfectly follows plate contours. Our Edge preparation system meets this demand. The machine prepares edges of plates for coating with 2R grinding, according to the latest PSPC regulations. 

Our edge preparation system won the Maritime Innovation Award 2013.

Adaptive milling technology

The Edge Preparation System combines proven CNC technology with a state-of-the-art force controlled milling system. The system machines both sides without turning of the plate. Advanced software and a touch screen makes sure that operation is easy. The Edge Preparation System uses a force-guided milling head that is able to move in three orientations. With this adaptive milling technology, the machine mills a constant 2 mm radius (2R) to any plate contour.


Edge preparation system afrondingen
Perfectly rounded edges
The smart adaptive force controlled milling head perfectly follows any contour and mills a consistent 2, 2.5 or 3mm radius. This gives a constant quality without the need for rework.
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Automated programming
Advanced software takes care of all programming tasks. This is done based on the same files used by CNC plate cutters, so the system can directly start in your yard. Easy as that.
Edge preparation system voldoet aan IMO PSPC eisen
IMO PSPC compliant
Steel plates need to have a minimum 2 mm radius on the edges. The Edge Preparation System fully automates this grinding process, reducing your labour costs.

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