Block welding gantry

Fully automated welding of large hull sections of a ship. Double hull blocks are giant, one-of-a-kind work pieces, with hard to reach spaces. Suspended into this limited places, smart robots manouvre and weld without colliding.

Section block or double hull robotic welding line 

'Hands-off' robotic welding in hard to reach places

Welding the double hull of a ship is difficult because of the limited space. KRANENDONK developed a double hull welding line, combined with RinasWeld for automatic operation. The gantry facilitates robot welding of extreme product sizes such as double bottom hull sections of oil tankers and container ships. Small robots are suspended from the gantry to weld in the smallest places, making optimal use of their space.

Intelligent and powerful production software based on your 3D CAD models

Depending on the shipyard's capacity requirements, the system is equipped with one or multiple robots. The intelligent RinasWeld software automatically generates all production data based on 3D CAD models and enables multiple robots to work together without colliding. Besides automatic robot path generation, RinasWeld applies predefined weld data, provided by your own experts, for specific corner situations. Independent research has shown that KRANENDONK's concept for double hull welding offers the highest number of welding meters per robot. This powerful software offers easy but advanced offline programming and reduces the time required for work preparation. Setting up a complex block section will only take you minutes.

krachtige en intelligente productie software
Powerful software
Based on 3D CAD, RinasWeld generates robot paths and takes care of all programming. This reduces time required for work preparation and gives hours of automated production.
Robot welding in small places
Robot welding in small places
Tiny robots are suspended into the smallest places of a double hull or block section. With RinasWeld, the robots operate independent and follow collision free paths.
Robot lassen van grote blok secties
Robot welding of large sections
The rigid gantry travels across a large work area to access block sections from above. High stability and motion performance give full control over any weld position.