Robotic cutting automation

Robots offer incredible freedom for cutting complex shapes. This will save valuable time in any later assembly stage. A smart cutting robot is a true money-maker for your entire production flow. We have 30 years of experience in tailored cutting lines for steel profiles, plates and tubes. 

Robotic tube cutting

Profile cutting lines for steel processing

We are the technology leader for heavy steel cutting lines. With connected robots and machines, we automate the entire cutting job typically found in shipbuildingoffshore & energystructural steel and transport industries. From single cutting cell to entire factory layout. Our consultants can assist you in designing the perfect work flow.

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Robotic cutting saves rework and simplifies assembly

Why use a robot for cutting? Simple: it can make very complex cuts with high presicion, saving your manual rework. The robot will make perfect weld preparations, making the assembly and welding job a lot easier. Better cutting means better fitting parts, making the robot cutting cell a true money maker.

Cutting results

Mix & match: multi-process solutions

Our custom robot lines can be equiped with multiple processes. We will design your all-in-one solution in which cutting, welding, marking and grinding can be integrated. By mixing and matching your products to our solutions, we will jointly design the ideal automation system.

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Razor-sharp bevels with our DLHC sensor

To cut perfect bevels to plates, the distance between the cutting torch and the work piece must be consistent. Due to the heat input during the cutting process, the work piece can deform. Our dual laser height control system measures the height deformation and corrects the robot path during cutting. 

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DLHC sensor for adaptive steel cutting

The right cutting method, for the right job

We can assist you with the automation of many cutting processes. For steel cutting, we have written a blog about choosing between oxy-fuel and plasma cutting.

Robotic Oxy-fuel cutting

The oxy-fuel cutting process is a common steel cutting technique, that KRANENDONK made suitable for use on a robot. With oxy-fuel cutting, very precise cuts are made. The oxy-fuel torch can pre-heat the material, to get perfect cuts even with very thick materials (up to 180mm).

Robotic Plasma cutting

The main benefit of the plasma cutting process its cutting speed. Reliable plasma equipment is used from respected suppliers. KRANENDONK always delivers its plasma systems with a sound and fume protective cabin.

Robotic Waterjet cutting

Waterjet cutting uses a jet of water at high speed and pressure to cut through steel. The absence of heat input makes sure that razor-sharp cuts can be made. In combination with KRANENDONK's calibrated cutting robots the results of this process are stunning.

flame cutting

Why choose us for cutting automation?

We are well-know for developing customized machines for your specific cutting task. We will take a look at any challenge, just send us your requirements.

  • 30 years of experience in global cutting projects
  • Smart sensors for razor-sharp cutting results
  • Multi-process solutions for flexible manufacturing
  • Unlimited customization possibilities

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Plasma cutting, flame oxy-fuel cutting and waterjet robot cutting automation | KRANENDONK


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