Robotic assembly automation

Robotic assembly opens a world of opportunities for heavy steel fabricators. Skip manual layout, skip manual tacking, and reduce errors throughout the process. We equip our robot assembly lines with the lastest sensors and computer vision technology, making sure to boost your production to a level that seemed unreal before.

Robotic beam assembly

The potential of 'giving eyes to the robot'

We make robots smarter. It means we can robotize if your products are never the same. We automate non-repetitive production. Our welding technology opens a world of opportunities for industrial manufacturers. We offer complete and customized production lines for industrial manufacturers.

Robot vision assembly

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From 4 hours to 8 minutes with robotic assembly

Going for robotic assembly means that you can skip manual layout, manual marking, manual positioning, manual tacking and all final welding as well. All data goes directly to the robot, which will assemble and weld the parts with unmatched precision. In the case of automated flange assembly, we bring the production time per production down from 4 hours to 8 minutes! A 3000% boost in productivity.


The biggest benefit: ZERO robot programming

Our software is super smart. RinasWeld just needs a 3D CAD models of your products. The robot welding line automatically decides where to weld and how the robots should move: ZERO programming involved. This way, we can automate non-repetitive production processes with continuously changing products. Also, fixtures are not needed: the robots will automatically find the position of the products. 

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Why choose us for robotic assembly?

We are well-know for developing customized machines for your specific assembly and welding task. We will take a look at any welding challenge, just send us your requirements.

  • 30 years of experience in global welding projects
  • Unique capability in non-repetitive automation
  • Powerful all-in-house technology 
  • Unlimited customization possibilities

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