Beam cutting cell

A reliable solution for your beam production. Accurate cutting for all typical offshore shapes, using a large robot. A durable system, producing razor sharp results in harsh conditions. 30 years of steel cutting experience in one solution.

Robotic beam cutting line

Accurate robotic oxy-fuel or plasma beam cutting

The goal when cutting beams is to create parts that perfectly fit together. This makes the later assembly and welding process quicker and better manageable. To achieve these perfect fits, the KRANENDONK’s robotic cutting systems use real product dimensions, not theoretical data. By 3D measuring each individual beam and adjusting the robot path accordingly, the deviations of the raw material are compensated. Since connections now fit much better, there are significant savings in welding hours as well.

Reliable CCS steel cutting concept

Our CCS cutting system has three unique features. First, smart software is used to adapt the cutting path to deviations in the steel beams. It reduces the gaps when assembling and welding the parts. Secondly, an in-flow positioning system eliminates the need for a length measuring trolley or gripper. This speeds up your process and significantly reduces the need for maintenance. Finally, the CCS cutting system is designed for reliability: all components, wiring and controls are integrated in a single base frame. 

beam cutting mesuring tool
Adapting to deviations
By measuring the beam before cutting, the intelligent software automatically adapts to deviations in the material. More accurate cuts result in better fitting parts and less rework.
Robotic steel beam cutting
Fast system, high throughput
By using in-flow profile positioning, no repositioning of a stopper or pusher is necessary. This reduces cycle time and leads to an even higher throughput of beams.
beam cutting easy operating
Automated programming
Programming of the cutting system is fully automated thanks to the CAD-interface with nesting functionality. The open software enables the end user to easily create new cuts.
Fast robotic steel beam cutting machine with high accuracy | KRANENDONK


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