Tube to sheet processing cell

Besides the welding of tube to tubesheet connections, KRANENDONK also has supplied complete systems for tube expanding. Such a system is used for rolling of tube to tubesheet connections and the cleaning and end face milling of tubes. 

Tube to sheet welding

Due to the flexibility of the robot and the 3D-measuring system, the fixing of the work-pieces does not require accuracy; therefore this operation is done very fast. Static or automatic turn tables can be supplied to support the product while processing.

Tube-to-sheet welding

Heat exchangers built up from tube sheets and tubes require substantial welding. On larger work pieces, several thousands of tubes have to be welded into the tube sheet.  Therefore KRANENDONK has developed a mobile robot cell for tube-to-sheet welding.

Tube to sheet welding

Tube expanding

To have a solid tube to tube-sheet connection, tubes are rolled by an expansion tool. The system is designed in such a way that standard available tube expanders used for manual can be applied. Also the cleaning of the rolling tools is done completely automatic, just like in a manual operation the rolling device is submerged in petroleum. 

End face milling

After the tubes are expanded, the end of the tubes are milled by an end face milling tool. The milling process stops as soon as the depth controlling collar hits the tube-sheet. A suction head around the milling tool will provide an  airflow from out of the tube, preventing that chips could enter the tube.

In addition we supply an innovative tool control solution where one servo drive system controls and monitors all operations by which the tubes are processed. The changing of tools is done completely automatic by a tool exchange system which means the system can produce unattended.

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