Consultancy: Rethinking your process chain

Your productivity has to improve every year to maintain a competitive edge. But, you face so many challenges and opportunities every day that it can be hard to identity where to begin. We can assist you. Over the years, we have optimized the work flow of nearly 300 fabricators in the manufacturing industry. 

From design to production

Boosting your efficiency with smart flow design

Together we design the perfect production flow and automate key parts in your process chain. Often by combining new technology with proven systems that may be already in your factory. We connect robots, additional machines and logistics in a clever way, so you maintain in control of the process at all times. We will boost your output and solve production bottlenecks with intelligent machines.

Getting more output from your existing shops

No need for building new workshops or expanding to new locations. We can boost the efficiency of your existing shop. This way, you realize more output from your existing floor space. We have successfully increased output, reduced errors and lowered cost-of-ownership for many global fabricators.  

Production flow visual