Tech Tour for high school students

Sander Voerman
– Updated
Apr 12, 2017

Together with the University of Applied Sciences in Arnhem and Nijmegen (HAN) together with other companies in Tiel opened its doors to high school students. A cool opportunity to see what is happening behind the doors of engineering companies.

Hogeschool arnhem en nijmegen visits KRANENDONK

Technicians of the future

Thursday the 6th of April, Kranendonk got visited by high school students in their senior years, on invitation of the University of Applied Sciences in Arnhem and Nijmegen (HAN). They are about to make a choice for their future education, in which Kranendonk wanted to motivate them for choosing a degree in engineering.

The HAN organized the day and focused on majors such as electrical engineering, automotive engineering, mechanical engineering and HBO ICT. All are programs the educational institute notices the biggest lack of graduating students. Companies like Kranendonk are experiencing a shortage of skilled educated technicians.

Hogeschool arnhem en nijmegen visits KRANENDONK

Thursday afternoon, after the students visited two other companies in Tiel, Defenture and Daalderop, before they arrived at Kranendonk. The visit started with a short introduction about the company and its innovative character, followed up by a tour through the engineering offices, testing facilities, assembly hall and finally followed by a demonstration of the robotic double hull welding gantry.

After the tour, the students got the possibility to ask questions to several of Kranendonk’s employees, who have recently graduated from a technical bachelor education. Hopefully creating insight into what the possibilities are with a degree in engineering. The afternoon ended with a quiz about the majors offered at the HAN, the winners of the quiz received a nice price.

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