Robot welding event - Are you Futureproof?

Nicole Janssen
– Updated
Nov 17, 2016

At September 15th, KRANENDONK opened the doors of its new headquarters to the public for the very first time. Over a 100 guests, from among others, Finland, Australia, Norway, France and Germany, had the unique opportunity to peak inside the kitchen of the robot technology centre from The Netherlands. 

KRANENDONK Futureproof robotics event

'It's all about 4D'

This was the core of the keynote speech by Arie Kranendonk, founder and president at KRANENDONK Smart robotics during the in-house seminar. He called for more awareness if it comes to the use of industrial robotics when producing unique products, like ships and steel buildings. The technology is already there, the knowledge is there, and most important, the connection between the complex designs and the robots is also there. Automation itself is offcourse not something of the future anymore, alligning your organisation, creating the needed mindset is. With the direct connection between your 3D model (BIM) and linked production data being the 4th dimension. The tools are available and proven.

ABB Robotics, a longtime partner of KRANENDONK, shared their outlook on the shifting world of automation. Internet of Things, Services and People is their vison on what the future will bring us. With communication and interaction between machines, devices and people becoming more and more important Staf Seurinck, Vice President Robotics Benelux explains. Partnership with a global player like ABB means sharing knowledge and expierience on all levels, and providing first class support al over the world.

Kristiaan Flierman, Sales Manager at Construsoft and Juan Rodriguez, Application Manager at Tekla, shared their view on how design and production are shifting more and more towards each other, resulting in more and more seamless fabrication management. Justin Geraerds, Global Sales Manager at KRANENDONK explained the audience what the future of steel contruction will bring us, and what challenges we need to overcome. 

KRANENDONK Futureproof robotics event

The curious crowd was then treated to not one, but two next generation automated welding solutions. First of all, the latest version of the Beam assembly line was shown for the very first time. Second, a gigantic Section welding gantry, bound to weld bottom sections of mega containerships was lned up for full demonstration. A truly unique opportunity, as they are both normally kept behind closed doors at the worlds biggest shipyards and construction companies.

Jelle Westerterp, teamleader applications, and his team gave an impressive show, displaying the versatility and accuracy of the Beam assembly line. Takahide Fujisaki, Area manager Japan, was there to present the robotic section welding gantry. Both solutions are controlled by RinasWeld, KRANENDONK’s ‘model based programming’ software. Used in both showcased machines, it offers clients a powerful and efficient tool for the automation of non-repetitive production, all without the feared long hours of programming. The complete abundance of robot programming makes this robot production software one of a kind.

In the afternoon, guests were given the chance to see the machines more closely, ask questions, walk around in virtual reality using our oculus rift and play with a robot theirselves. Magnus Kjaerbo, systems engineer, gave a detailed demo on the RinasWeld software based on various 3D CAD models.

This type and size of smart, high-end automation calls for strong partnerships. Next to ABB Robotics, five key-suppliers showed the integrated high-class components. ESAB, B&R Automation, Schaeffler, IGUS and Dinse were present to teach the audience more about their products and why they are used in KRANENDONK solutions. It was an honor to receive such a large and excited audience to our new facilities for the very first time. We are looking forward to meet you again at future events.

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