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Sander Voerman
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Dec 9, 2016

Tuesday December 6th, Kranendonk Production Systems was honored with a visit of the mayor, Mr. Hans Beenakker and the aldermen of the municipality of Tiel. The deputy mayor, Mr. Laurens Verspuij officially opened the new headquarters earlier this year, and was impressed with what he saw. So, he invited the mayor and the other aldermen to witness the innovative product of Kranendonk themselves as well.

Mayor and aldermen Tiel visit KRANENDONK

Arie Kranendonk, president and founder of the company explained the history of the company to this special audience. They discussed how it is important for a company like Kranendonk to keep attracting high-skilled people to the region. The central location in The Netherlands is a big plus to employees. Also, KRANENDONK has it's roots in the 'Betuwe' area. It started in Ingen, a small village next to Tiel, and moved to Tiel itself in the early 90's.

With the relocation to the new state of the art facilities, the company keeps developing itsselve as one of the biggest high-tech employers in the region and is truly ready for the future. KRANENDONK operates all over the world, but to keep innovating, valued relationships with local partners are unbearable. After a short presentation, a live demonstration of one of the Kranendonk solutions was part of the programme. At the end, the mayor presented Mr. Kranendonk a real 'Flipje', the mascot of Tiel.

Presentation to the Mayor of Tiel

A short presentation of the history and products and services of KRANENDONK

Presentation to the Mayor of Tiel

The audience listens carefully

Presentation to the Mayor of Tiel

A short stop in the KRANENDONK-testlab

Presentation to the Mayor of Tiel

Explanation of the welding gantry, ready to be demonstrated

Presentation to the Mayor of Tiel

Honored with a real 'Flipje', the mascot of Tiel.

About us

KRANENDONK is an internationally renowned supplier of industrial robotics. Intelligent robots are used for welding and cutting of large steel objects, in industries like shipbuilding, offshore and steel construction. Much work is done for companies in Asia, where a large share of the global shipbuilding industry is concentrated. We have offices in Japan, Denmark and Singapore.

News - Mayor and aldermen visit KRANENDONK | KRANENDONK


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