The Future Of Plate Edge Rounding Blog 8/8: Award winning

Edwin van Mensvoort
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Oct 29, 2020

At the end of this blog series we are confident that you see the benefits of an automated plate edge rouding system. Because of all the unique features of the system, the KRANENDONK Edge Preparation System was awarded with the Maritime Innovation Award. How did we do it? The answer is quite simple and cliché: by listening to our customers and their needs. We continued where others stopped.

The challenge
New environmental regulations require sharp plate edges to be rounded to prevent coating failure. Companies are looking for ways to efficiently meet these regulations but currently have limited options other than to manually grind all plate edges, which is a time-consuming, unsafe and inaccurate process. Plate tolerances provide a unique challenge. The temperature
difference and internal material stress (impacted by plate cutting process) impact the accuracy of the plate size and shape. Coping with these deviations demands a certain level of intelligence when implementing automation. KRANENDONK developed a milling system that delivers consistent high quality performance regardless of these plate tolerances.

The solution
The Edge Preparation System is the first machine to automatically mill plate edges with a force-guided milling head that is able to move in three orientations. The machine mills a constant radius, subject to customer preference. The top and bottom side of the plates are milled in the same orientation. To do so, the steel plates are lifted in a smart manner. This creates space for the tooling to mill the bottom side without the need to flip the plate.

Maritime Innovation Award

The main reasons why the Edge Preparation System was chosen as winner were: 

  • Added Value:

Shipyards can be competitive again based on quality and reliability

  • Innovation:

It is the first machine that can cope with a large range of plate shapes and sizes

  • Sustainability:

Reduced cost and less waste in a safe working environment


The Edge Preparation System is so simple that it can be implemented in any shipyard. For KRANENDONK, the Edge
Preparation System is an important addition to the portfolio of smart shipyard automation systems. The company is known in the shipbuilding industry for smart robotic welding and cutting solutions since 1983.

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