The Future Of Plate Edge Rounding Blog 3/8: Safety First!

Edwin van Mensvoort
– Updated
Jul 9, 2020

The shipbuilding market is characterized by intense competition, fuelled by merging shipyards gaining a competitive advantage or trying to keep up with developments in other countries and regions. Shipbuilders try to differentiate based on quality, technology and innovation to get more orders, increase market share and reduce costs.

However, some areas in shipbuilding are hardly affected by innovation. Traditionally the preparation and rounding of steel plate edges for coating is still done by manual labour. We all know that plate tolerances plus a large variation in plates and sizes make automation challenging.

Manual edge rounding is hard and dangerous work, and therefore it is often subcontracted to workers with angle grinders and power tools. Increased pressure and tighter deadlines in combination with outsourced work means it is difficult for the shipyard to communicate, control and maintain safety measures, which can lead to injuries and accidents.

 edge rounding edge milling edge preparation

In shipbuilding, grinding is a key proces. This working environment is harmful to workers due to extreme sound, dust, and hard work. Research shows that most of the (fatal) injuries and accidents (56%) in shipbuilding occur in the shipyard during the construction phase and the rest (44%) inside the ship.  An automated milling system can be integrated in the existing production process. The Kranendonk Edge Preparation System will get you there in one simple step. 


We all have the best interest for our workers at heart but without automation in the edge rounding process the workers remain exposed to following risks:

  • Risk of repetitive motion injuries because of improper posture
  • Possible hearing loss because of extreme noise from close distance
  • Poisoning because of inhaling (toxic) materials and dust
  • Injury when tripping over tools, cables and equipment
  • Injury because of kickback, improper protection, improper use of tools or broken tools
  • Fall damage when continuously flipping plates

The Edge Preparation System (EPS) addresses all these issues because of following specifications:

  • Zero health risk for workers, safely operated by 1 operator from a distance
  • Automated safety by scanners
  • Zero dust - special brush prevents chips from flying around and localizes them
  • Automatic tool change
  • No overhead crane needed fot plate turning, plate is lifted pneumatically

edge rounding edge milling edge preparation

What do you think about this situation? We at Kranendonk are THE specialist in plate edge rounding solutions and we care about the safety of your workers.

Although developed with the shipbuilding industry in mind, the Edge Preparation System is also applicable in other plate handling industries. Click here to find out more, or challenge us and send us your request by e-mail: