Event - Robotics in Structural Steel

Nicole Janssen
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Dec 17, 2015

Will robotics change steel construction? At November 8, 2012, we have posed this question at our 'Robotics in structural steel' event. During a full day of presentations, discussions and demonstrations we discussed the role of robotic automation in the structural steel business. Visitors could see our solution - Beam Assembly Line - during live demonstrations at our customer ASK Romein.

Robot welding structural steel beams

Radical cost savings with Robotic Beam Assembly

Most structural steel manufacturers are confronted with tighter budgets. It leads to a continuous quest for efficiency improvements. Beam Assembly Line radically changes the way manufacturers look at structural steel automation. It gives boost productivity and brings down costs in a new way.

Responses to live demonstrations of robot welding line

Our visitors told us: 'Yes, this is the future of steel constuction'. They were impressed by the level of sophistication in our RinasWeld software, which makes sure that no manual robot programming has to be done. See a few responses in the video:

Summary of presentations

‘Joint Design for Economy’  

Presentation Joint Design for Economy
Prof.ir. F.S.K. Bijlaard, Delft University of Technology
Professor Bijlaard stressed the importance of joint design. Joints play an important role in constructions, not only during production but also in erection on-site. In his view, joint design in steel constructions should revolve around economics and should be designed in a modern way.

‘Automation in structural steel’

Presentation Automation in structural steel
Mr. M.O.P. Lemmens
General manager ASK Romein
Mr. Lemmens discussed the implementation of robotics in steel construction from a user perspective. He also pointed at the impact of a machine like the Beam Assembly Line on the organisation and employees. 

‘Robotic beam assembly’

Presentation Robotic beam assembly
A.G. Kooijman
Area sales manager KRANENDONK
Mr. Kooijman talked about the technological developments that have been done to take the Beam Assembly Line to actual production. He stressed the importance of smart robot vision technology, to be able to handle tolerances in beams and attachments.

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