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Jan Kranendonk
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Dec 23, 2015

Our welding robots find their own way. No need for manual setup, no programming of robot paths. You just send your 3D CAD file to the machines, and let them figure it out. How do we make these robots so smart? Check out the video below.

Panel welding line for shipyards

How do we make these robots so smart? For sure it didn't happen overnight: we spend over 20 years developing advanced software and sensors used in these machines. All these years we've worked with the same vision: NO Robot Programming. You should not be involved in robot programming. You take care of your production, we take care of the robots.

1. The robot's brain: powerful software

We deliver our machines with the world's smartest robot control software: RinasWeld. It is the only software you will find that can directly use the 3D model. The software analyses your 3D model and generates all robot paths fully automatically. It also adds welding strategy and parameters, as well as work distribution between multiple robots. Just let it go.

2. The robot's touch: smart sensors

If robots need to work alone, they need to sense their surroundings. We apply smart sensor technology to connect the theoretical 3D world to your shopfloor environment. The robots use touch or vision to locate the product at the floor. Even during welding the robots keep on checking there position. This compensates for tolerances in your steel, that are always there. It makes the machine work on its own, also if there are small unexpected situations.

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Blog - Meet the world's smartest welding robots | KRANENDONK


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