Blog: KRANENDONK on a mission

Nicole Janssen
– Updated
Sep 18, 2017

Before the summer holiday of 2017, the KRANENDONK team went 'on a mission' together. At a sunny Friday in June everybody gathered at the Headquarters in Tiel, taking a large bus together to a then unknown location. Only the organisers of the event knew where the bus would take the team. For the rest it remained a surprise untill something strange happened....

KRANENDONK On a mission teambuilding event 2017

Find the missing General...

On a small road in the country side, the bus was stopped by what appeared to be two soldiers. They entered the bus and ordered us to follow them. We arrived at an airport, where we were ordered to step out and line up. Inside a briefing room, we finally received more explanation. We got split up into four smaller teams and took our orders. Their General was 'shot' out of the air behind enemy lines and we were supposed to find and rescue him. In order to do so, we needed to complete various assignments like: learning how to shoot a rifle, doing an IQ-test, and flying planes by ourselves.

With these tasks, each team was able to earn points, which would be converted to money later on. With this money, everybody was able to buy items needed on the quest to find and save the general. Items like a map, a gps, bombs, refreshments and a first aid kid. With eveything we needed, we then took off in our army vehicles to go and find the General. How this all went down, you can watch here, in the extended aftermovie of this awesome day (interviews only in Dutch):

In the end, the General was found and rescued and every team reached the base again in safety. After this intensive mission, the bus took everybody back to Tiel. Here a very tasty barbecue was awaiting everybody and their families. The kids could enjoy some cool stuff like a big bouncy cushion and several other games. All together it was a cool experience and gave everybody a chance to get to know each other a little better as well. On to the next mission!

KRANENDONK On a mission teambuilding event 2017 barbecue

Do you want to be part of the next 'mission'? Feel free to check our current job openings here.