Blog - Improve profile production in shipbuilding

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Mar 9, 2020

Efficient production in the cutting shop is crucial in the shipbuilding process. It can be a tough challenge to realize. This blog post discusses three principles, which we have learned over the past 30 years, to improve steel profile production.

Improve profile production in shipbuilding

Shipbuilding is one of the most complex construction jobs created by man. Production processes range from welding to pipe spool production to joining of large sub-assemblies. But, it all starts with processing raw steel plates and profiles. In this article, we focus on efficient processing of steel profiles. We discuss three basic principles to improve profile processing in the cutting shop:

1. Integrating logistics around the profile cutting line

An efficient profile production flow starts with logistical systems for profile transportation. This makes it possible to connect individual production cells, or even full production lines. Profile production lines can be equipped with a high-rise storage and infeed / outfeed buffers for temporary storage. In this way, just-in-time production can be realized. Manual handling of profiles is minimized in this process.

Profile cutting line for shipbuilding with high rise storage

2. Linking all machines with smart software

When machines are connected through logistics, they also need to know what to do at what moment. Here comes the synchronization between machines, planning and stock into play. Advanced production software can take care of controlling machines as well as logistics, both enterprise-wide (linked to ERP) or just for a single production line. It enables shipyards to install logistics and separate machines for shot blasting, grinding and marking on a single line, additional to the profile cutting cell.

Profile cutting line for shipbuilding with marking and grinding

3. Centralizing control to keep overview

Synchronizing software and machines also makes it possible to centralize the control of all machines. Integrating logistics is essentially about considering the process chain as a single entity, rather than individual functions. By centralizing control, it’s possible to initiate a full production process –from raw steel material to final product– with a single production program and push of a button. Individual steel profiles can be monitored throughout the production line.

Profile cutting line for shipbuilding

We can maximize the flow in your shipyard

These principles can help you to establish an efficient profile production line. By integrating all related processes into one complete solution, output of the cutting shop can be maximized. If you want to know more about shipyard automation,  take a look at our solutions for profile processing or contact us.