Beam welding cell

Beam welding cell features on or more robots travelling alongside structural steel beams or even larger structures. Beams can be randomly placed and will be automatically detected by the welding robot. This gives you amazing flexibility. 

Robotic steel beam welding cell on a track

Big welding robot, big steel products

By placing the robot on a track, it can handle extreme product lengths. The large welding robot reaches beams or structures up to 2,500 mm in width. All based on our 30 years of experience in robot welding automation. Increase your productivity by integrating our Beam welding cell into your work flow. Beam welding cell performs single and multi-layer welding wthout any manual setup or programming.

Robotic Submerged Arc Welding

We have been the first supplier to develop a fully equiped robot welding tool for Submerged Arc Welding. Combining the SAW process with the flexibility and precision of a robot gives a lot of freedom for the production of large steel constructions. Safety features enable operators to closely monitor the welding-process, no fencing is needed.

High quality robotic beam welding
High quality welds
Subarc and MIG/MAG process are available with our tool changing system. Consistent welding quality can be proved with data logs.
Beam welding cell on a track, advanced safety features
Advanced safety features
With safety sensors and a build-in floor track, operator and robot can share the workspace. In this way, the welding process can be monitored closely.
Beam welding cell on a track easy operation
Easy operating
A touch screen with graphical user interface provides easy control. Only one supervisor is needed, reducing operational costs.

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