Case - Building a new generation of cruise ships

Jan Kranendonk
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Dec 17, 2015

While already being the largest shipbuilder in Europe, and after the acquisition of VARD in 2013, the Fincantieri group doubled in size to become the fourth largest in the world. The company builds both commercial and military vessels. Since 2000, we've delivered a range of production lines to boost productivity in the yards of Fincantieri and VARD.

Seaside Fincantieri Cruise Ship, robot welding

Automatic welding of all cruise ship decks

In 2008, KRANENDONK installed a robotic panel welding line, to robotize the weling of cruise ship decks. The system is equipped with two gantries and in total eight robots. The eight robots are working together cleverly, distribution tasks between them without human input. In essence, the operators put the large panel in place, selects the program, presses the start button, and walks away.

Panel welding gantry, robots building cruise ships

3D CAD based work preparation, for the robot welding line

The work preparation is done behind the computer, independent of the line. This is done with the RinasWeld software. All required production data is directly retrieved from the 3D CAD model of the end product. The work preparator only has to select the product which needs to be welded and to uploads it into the RinasWeld software. With 1 hour of work preparation, 100 hours of production is programmed by the RinasWeld software.

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