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Dec 23, 2015

Our software enables a whole new way of controlling robots. To explore new opportunities, we supplied a RinasWeld software package to the University of Wollongong, Australia. It is used for various research purposes at the university. Here's an interview with Nathan Larkin, the responsible researcher.

Robot Programming Research

RinasWeld software in university research

KRANENDONK supplied a RinasWeld software package to the University of Wollongong, Australia. It is used for various research purposes at the university.

‘RinasWeld software is an important part of the welding research conducted at the University of Wollongong', explains Nathan Larkin. 'It is used to generate collision free robot code directly from computer drawings that incorporate detailed weld settings and torch paths. RinasWeld has aided many welding tasks such as determining the weldability of galvanised coatings, through to the fabrication of steel shelving for welding consumables. The ease in generating robotic welding code has meant that even the simplest welding tasks are now generated using RinasWeld.'

Automating programming for robot welding

Mr. Larkin continues: 'The strength of RinasWeld is the focus on welding parameters. In a small amount of time we have built up a large library of weld settings and path details for many different types of welds and materials. These are applied based on the plate geometry where RinasWeld will determine details such as weld orientation and plate thickness to apply appropriate weld settings from the library. It is also very easy to re-load past projects and review old weld settings and parameters. Robotic code generated by RinasWeld integrates flawlessly with the existing robotic infrastructure and is able to control welding sets, external axes, and torch cleaning equipment. It also accommodates touch sensing which allows the system to tolerate errors between real-world and computer modelled environments.'

'RinasWeld enables us to utilise robotic welding for accurate, repeatable weld testing without the typical programming overhead. 'It is still amazing to run programs generated in RinasWeld and watch as the robot moves around obstacles, senses where the plates are, welds, then come back to clean the torch.'

Research videos:

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